A Day Filled with Good Intentions!

I started this day intending to finish projects for our Farmgirl Country Sale.  I ended up gardening...  Oh well - today the temperature was in the 70's and each day will be cooler this week.  Plenty of time to be in the house sewing. 

I planted onions - about 16 feet of them.  A few of last year's onions showed themselves so they should be ready about the time the lettuce is ready to pick.  I will be planting lettuce in my rusty old wheelbarrow again.

I have 7 or 8 wheelbarrows...yet another collection.  I love the old rusty ones with holes in the bottom so the water runs out when I plant in them.  They are strategically placed around the yard either to collect weeds or grow salad fixin's.

Here are some pictures I took this evening of some of my perennials.


The tulips are almost done but the grape hyacinths are looking good.  Love the pink and purple together.  I never have many tulips...some creature likes to eat them before they can mature.

The Bleeding Hearts love this great spring we're having.  They are loaded with blossoms and can hardly hold themselves up so we can see that "lady in the bathtub".  When you turn the blossom upside down and pull the heart apart, it looks like a lady sitting in a tub.  I'll show you sometime. 

This is a Pasque flower and with the wind tonight, it wouldn't hold still so they are in motion.  So beautiful and such a surprise when they show up again each year.  It's just a little clump but when its done blooming, I think I will separate it into more clumps.  I might not share these quite yet...I need more!

Virginia or Texas Bluebells...I think Texas.  Now that they are established in my garden, they are spreading and I will share them.  As you can see, its windy and they are blowin' in the wind.

Something is not working right - either my computer or blogger so I will go work on another project.  I'll be back in the next few days...