In Celebration of Spring?

I've decided with the snow storm of 9 -10 inches last week, to just ignore the 20 degree temps and forge on to spring.  To celebrate this mind bending decision, I am making flowers...out of anything I can get my hands on.

So here's some flowers using the linings of recycled blazers, used/new zippers, old lace curtains, and some new fabric scraps.  I've viewed quite a few tutorials, bought a few books, and practiced, practiced and practiced some more.  Many crafters use glue guns - I have burned myself, glued my tools together, and strung glue from here to there.  I mainly use a needle and thread...its so much safer for me and my pets and anyone/anything else standing near.

All zipper - both metal and nylon!

Variety of rosettes using cotton and recycled linings!  Love my yo yo's too!
From fluffy roses to flat rosettes - all made from recycled linings and old lace curtains!
I have a whole tote full of nylon zippers of many colors so my stash will keep me in zipper flowers forever.  My friend's Mom does alterations so she is supplying me with the metal ones, otherwise they are difficult to find.  I also use zippers for trim to coordinate the zipper flower to the tote bag or jacket. 

My sewing room should be declared a disaster area...except that its filled to overflowing with every color and pattern so making flowers with leftovers from quilts I've made uses up those scraps.

When I'm in the mood - nothing is safe and everything gets embellished.  I waiting to be crowned Queen of Repurposing! 

Have a great day - the sun is shining here!!!  Yay!



  1. Lovvvvveeeeee them!!! Way to celebrate Spring! I found some super cute stationery yesterday and thought of you!!!

  2. What a great thing to do! Love them.

  3. Okay, stop hogging the sun...I could use it here. Love your flowers. I've been on a crocheting kick and making flowers...think I like yours better...

  4. Becca- I think you owe me one! I don't care if its on nice stationery or not! Think spring!

    Jules- Thank you - keeps mind off of the snow that might be mixed with rain the end of the week!!!

    Gretchen - I love crocheted flowers too! I just felted some today. I'm into doing some smaller things but the bigger projects are looming!

  5. wowwww, bonnie, youre soooooo talented!!!!! :o
    i wish i could make those!!

  6. I think you owe me one! You said once you finished your taxes you'd send a note out!

  7. Love the flowers, they are great !! Another great way to get the old metal zippers is look for old clothes at yard sales and remove them , I am learning to look for fabrics and buttons on old clothes that are cheap at yard sales.
    thanks for sharing, it is such an ispiration and lesson that nothing has to be wasted, we can use it all !!! talk to you later,


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