I Can Do It!

Posted: Dec. 31, 2010
LANSING — A memorial service will be held Jan. 8 for Geraldine Doyle, who said her photo was the inspiration for a popular poster lauding the efforts of working women during World War II.  Ms. Doyle died Sunday in Lansing. She was 86.
A war production committee used Ms. Doyle’s likeness from a photo taken when she was a 17- year-old operating a metal-stamping machine at American Broach & Machine Co. in Ann Arbor. The head-scarf-wearing woman flexing her bicep in the “We Can Do It!” poster encouraged women to enter the workforce.
I know that death and taxes are inevitable...but I fear tax season more.  I should explain in case this statement is taken out of context...my brain is more inspired to make things than it is to record things.  I don't worry when I'm making a purse or a quilt, I worry and procrastinate when I'm supposed to be doing my record keeping.  So as the tax deadline looms, I fear that I won't be ready because I don't want to start.

Book work is last on my list of fun things to do, even way after washing windows and cleaning the bathroom.  I do like the way it looks when its done - all the numbers in their own spaces and columns in a row.  The only good part of this kind of book work is when its on its way to the accountant.  Yay!  Oh wait - I'm not there yet.

I've started to collect things on the kitchen table - piles of receipts that I promised myself last year would be entered into some magical program right away.  Not so much...FAILURE!  LOSER! 

So today I begin and hopefully finish this chore and I mean chore.  It's noon and I'm still working up to leaving the computer and walking over to the table to begin my chore.  Yuck!

I make promises to myself - like if you work for an hour, you can sew for an hour.  That may bring me to the table so to speak.  Wait!  Maybe if you record for an hour, you can nap for an hour.  Maybe it will be tomorrow and a miracle will happen and it will be done.   "It" isn't getting done while I play on my laptop.

I think I better schedule the appointment with the tax person so I actually have a deadline...she told me that works for other people.

I Can Do It!!!



  1. i wish you all the luck you need, bonnie =)

  2. Good luck! If it's any consolation my husband and I did our taxes last weekend and we have to pay in:( According the the Government, we make too much money, which is odd because you could have fooled me! But anyway, paying in sucks, I hope you don't have to!

    If I could I would be at your house in a minute to help you! I LOVE organizing and sorting through things! It gives me sick pleasure knowing I have 12 months of bank statements perfectly organized in their respective file folder!

  3. Thanks, sweet pea and Becca! I need all the empathy I can beg for...my hubby got his stuff done today while I was at lunch with my brother and then shopping. Do you think I'm still procrastinating????

    Tomorrow is the day - I actually have started...at least I've made the mess on the table!


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