Time Together - Mom and Daughters

Once a year my two daughters and I get to spend 24 hours together...no husbands, no kids (except the phone calls!)  Just the three of us.  Perfection!

They are both very busy Mom's with very active children...ranging in ages from 5 to 20.  So making the arrangements to get away for one day is astronomical.  It is all the more meaningful to me that they want to come together and to make this commitment of their time.

All three of us arrive within an hour of each other, cars packed to the roof, and enough treats for a week!  Each of us excited to begin our weekend adventure.

The schedule for this two day event is filled with seminars, manicures, massages, pedicures, wine tasting, hot tubs, swimming, and vendors from Tupperware to Pure Romance. 

Our schedule also includes supper at a very good Mexican restaurant, Margaritas, and then shopping at the outlet mall.  I sit across from my daughters at the restaurant and think - they are so beautiful and different and loving sisters.  I am glad they are mine forever!

We end up in our room that night, reading magazines, eating more, laughing, and relaxing.  My oldest keeps remarking...its Friday night and we're in our room!  She doesn't convince anyone to leave our cocoon.  Maybe next time the pool or hot tub will sound inviting.  The Margaritas and food have left me feeling tired and satisfied to just be.

After our 30 minute massages, we come to the same conclusion...ah, that was so nice!  We have fun in the mani/pedi room with the same fun women that have been there for three years pampering us, joking with each other, comparing lives and singing Happy Birthday twelve times to the receptionist who just had hip replacement.  Her coworkers worry about her and make her lay down in the bed and massage her legs because she has been on them too long. 

Laughter rolls out of this room - it seems to be the most lively of the vendor rooms.  Hugs are shared before and after our treatments.  How lucky we are to be here with such special women.

We've bonded and bonded and bonded in this 24 hour reunion.  I'm so glad we were able to make memories again this year.  I've reserved our room for next year.  It was difficult to head to the car and see my daughters drive off to their own lives again.  But I have something great to look forward to again in 365 days! 

Another tradition created and celebrated...maybe this is something you would like to do with your girls or girlfriends.  Check out their Facebook page at AmericInn in North Branch, MN.  They will have more info on their Women Only Weekend (WOW) as March 30 -31, 2012 gets closer.

I love my girls and our time together!



  1. wow.
    im so glad you had fun, and bonded with your girls!!!!

  2. sweet pea - thanks for stopping by and sharing my adventures! Hope all is good with you!

  3. =)) anytime.

    everything is just dandy as of right now,thankfully..

  4. Oh my gosh that sounds like the BEST weekend ever!!!!! That is seriously my dream day. Eating, shopping, pampering, drinking, eating, shopping! I am so glad that you are able to have this little tradition every year!


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