Making a Sentimental Journal

This weekend I began to make a birthday gift for my friend of 46 years.  Neither one of us needs a thing but I decided to make her a journal cover.  Who doesn't need to write down everything when you get to be my age and she is only 5 months younger than I am.  So I thought it should come in handy.  It was going pretty good but it was dusty pink.  She's isn't her deal.  It's my deal. 

So maybe this will be mine when I finish it!
So on Monday I had to get to town to have my haircut.  The roads weren't exactly plowed but I went slow and it was fine.  After my haircut, I browsed our health food store that has wonderful gifts.  Nothing moved me so I bought her chocolate covered sunflower seeds and came home. 

Instead of working on her gift, I took a nap.  Think I was putting off the project?  I'm pretty good at that - still have my tax stuff spread all over the kitchen table.  Then it was time to make supper...taco pie and by the way it was pretty good.

After supper I headed down the hall to come up with something.  So for the next four hours, I worked on my labor of love for her.  I finished it just in time to glue a couple of things onto it and get ready for the next day. 

My friend of 46 years and me!
Next day:  I am off to see my friend and spend some fun hours with her laughing and eating and enjoying each other's company.  Yay!

Take some time to be with your friend - it does wonders for your soul!



  1. I love your journals !! I have no doubt she will treasure it , what better gift than one made by a dear friend !! That is so amazing to have a friend for so long !! What a blessing !!!

  2. being with friends is such a perfect way to spend time. i just spent half of last night drinking tea and talking with 2 of my old friends, and a new friend that we just accepted into our unclique =)
    what better way to spend a night?

  3. Steph - it is a blessing - I don't see friends from high school...never did. I went to a private school where everyone came from everywhere. I treasure her friendship.

    Sweet pea - you are so lucky and smart to have learned so young the value of girlfriends.

  4. Sweet Pea: I want to come have tea with you!

    Bonnie: You are such a creative gal!!! Friendships are so important. I didn't really bother trying to be a good friend when I was in highschool, and now I'm learning how important it is to be a good friend.

  5. =) well thank you so much. im so glad i did, though, because friends are so important to me.

    becca. but you oh so totally should!! =))


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