My Old Barn Update

With the settlement on our barn, we can build a little barn!  Yay!  We were shocked to find out that there was money left after depreciating our 100 yr. old girl!  I knew she was worth it and more, but I didn't think anyone else would agree with me. 

So now we look into building something to house our Farmgirl Country Sales...and I'm thinking a farm needs a red barn with a real barn roof.  I've never shopped for a barn so this will be the ultimate shopping spree.

We hope to save the wood from the old one - a family member was called to give his opinion on what to do - can you imagine that he said to burn it down???  Not in a million years would we do that.  We appreciate his input however.  Does it sound like we have some emotional attachment? 

We think the foundation walls can be saved and maybe - just maybe - we can put a roof over part of it.  Even if we can't walk along the sides, we can use the space for something.  I'm thinking a greenhouse...I just thought of that as I write!  How cool would that be???  Maybe the roof would be a see through deal.  Oh wow - a huge potty shed!  Well - give me your thoughts and suggestions. 

We need to find someone to take the top part down.  The barn measures 80' x 30'. 

Note:  When I was out in the yard, taking an updated picture of our barn, many Canadian Honkers flew north making lots of noise!!!  Yay!  Spring is coming!!

Take care!



  1. How exciting that you will get to build a new barn, that is great news. I think it is a wonderful idea to use the part of the old barn that you can reuse to make something useful, I think the possibilities are endless.
    It would be nice to salvage the old wood and make stuff out of it, that old wood is so pretty !!
    I can't wait to see what you do !!!Have fun deciding on your new barn !!!

  2. Thanks, Steph! We will have lots of wood to make vintage stuff...I have some small ideas already hope I can get a piece before our sale. I have to go inside and see if there is anything loose or if I try to get a piece the rest or at least some will fall down around me! I don't think its that easy to tear down. Darn!

  3. Something like, getting a new puppy after your beloved old dog has died.

    I'm trying to relate :)

  4. yayy!! its so good to hear that youre buulding a new barn. its like making a reminiscence of the old one =)

    and it sounds like youre juuuuuuuust a little bit emotionally attached =P

  5. Dani - spot on - so to speak!

    sweet pea - oh ya - emotion runs high for me...hubby says he thought the new barn would be a good studio for me. I love that man!!! He doesn't say much but when he does - yay!

  6. I am so happy to hear that you will be able to have a new barn! I'm so jealous-your own studio!

  7. Becca - I can't wait! Miss hearing from you.

  8. It’s nice of you to consider renovating your old barn. It’s 100-year-old and really deserved to be taken care of, and besides, not everyone has it. ;-) This will not only to regain its beauty, but also it will be useful to your family. Anyway, it’s been 2 years, have you decided what to do with your barn? Well, you have a lot of great ideas, and there’s no doubt that it will turn out nicely done.

    Richard Boles


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