Mardi Gras in MN

My new pen pal, Cindy, sent me Mardi Gras in an envelope!  She's a Louisiana girl!  How fun is that???  I'm not familiar with Mardi Gras except for the parade and partiers I've seen on TV.  So between the hot sauce, crawfish legend, great fabric, Louisiana postcard, little fingertip towel, and beads, beads, and more beads, we're going to celebrate!

Here is the fun stuff she sent:

Thanks, Cindy, we'll have a Mardi Gras party this weekend - my girls and I are going to a Women's Only Weekend.  We have such fun together!!!



  1. Oh, let me tell you that Mardi Gras is fun in both New Orleans and Mobile...parades, balls, carnivals, great food and lots and lots of moon pies!!!

  2. ooh have tons of fun, bonnie. =D

  3. Oh wow, what a lovely idea. Maybe I could send someone a package from Crete! Fun!

    Ali x


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