Where art thou Spring???

We are a pretty patient bunch here in Minnesota but we are on our last nerve now.  There is snow in the forecast again!  We just were gifted with 10 inches this week - so enough already!

So I thought I would bring you some spring from Gamla Stan Stockholm, Sweden.  As we were walking down the cobblestone streets in this Medieval town, we turned a corner and there was this vision of loveliness.  I can smell them from here.

So enjoy and know that spring has to be just around the next corner!!!

Take care!



  1. OH, what a pretty picture !!!
    I cannot even imagine still having winter in March !! We have our air on and it is warm out, wow !!!
    I hope you get a break soon !!!

  2. I don't need your heat but some of your heat would be good...except for the flooding that will come with the melting of all of our snow. Darn! Those who need water could have some of ours!

  3. Not more snow!!!! It's getting to a ridiculous point!


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