When you live in a northern state like Minnesota, you spend a certain amount of time waiting...expecting.  Here it is December 10 and another snow storm is looming.  Seasonal events for tomorrow have been rescheduled for next weekend when we hope the weather isn't an issue.  So all week we will watch the weather and determine if we can come together to make the Swedish sausage that is a part of our holiday celebrations each year. 

They say:  Biggest storm in recent years...about 18' for our area...maybe.  Gusty winds with blizzard warnings in the south.  Nasty storm system.  Ice expected mixed with snow...freezing rain ahead of the blowing mountains of snow.  Lots of water in the atmosphere...Arctic air to follow.  Ttemperature 0 degrees on Sunday and -10 degrees Sunday night.  Brrr.... 

I'm kinda excited - not about the snow but about being held hostage in my house during the storm.  Christmas is coming and I'm not that ready.  I have tons of projects started and expecting me to return and finish them up.  So now I have two days in a row, without interruptions, (except the usual cooking and cleaning), to start some and finish others.  

1.  I printed my Christmas letter so I can send out my cards. 
2.  Then I will make 16 altered art tag decorations for my friends. 
3.  I'm using the linings of jackets to make roses with pearl embellishments for other friends...like a pin or necklace piece.  
4.  Piecing two quilt squares for our Christmas block exchange on Tuesday.
5.  Blogger Secret Santa gift has to be in the mail by next Fri. - better determine what to make and get 'er done.
6.  Finish decorating house...got the tree decorated so just have to set other stuff about.
7.  Finish my grandson's bed roll quilt.
8.  Make 5 book bags for grands and great grands for the books we've bought for them.
9.  I would like to finish Stieg Larsson's third book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.  It's getting to be the good part now.
10.  Whew!  Is it Monday yet?

Could I be expecting too much out of this snow storm???



  1. Bonnie how are you participating in a Blogger Secret Santa??? Too late to get in on that action huh?

  2. I follow lilyella on Facebook and thru her blog she asked for those who wanted to participate by making or buying a gift. Check out Craftsaholics Anon. on my list of blogs. I think she might still be doing something similar.

  3. Sorry Dani - it looks like its over but sounds like they do it periodically. I know I will be following to see when they have another one.

    I will post what I send to my recipient and what I receive. Should be fun!

  4. Awesome snow storm!

    My list of things to do while we wait out the snow isn't nearly as impressive as yours. Mostly I'm hoping to focus on a bit of house cleaning and holiday treat making with the kids.

  5. This I like --

    I'm kinda excited - not about the snow but about being held hostage in my house during the storm.


    Here in Maryland we don't get what you do. But last year we had some HUGE storms that kept the kidlet out of school for a week ... and then I realized. Being held hostage doesn't work quite as well when there's a seven-year old involved! :-)

  6. MFP - well I've finished my quilt squares, decorated a bit more, but I'm in my sewing room so I think I will be able to check another off my list tonight. We'll see...I did make chicken and egg dumplings for lunch and turkey hotdish with mashed potatoes for supper. All comfort food in this cold weather! Hope you aren't getting as much as the Twin Cities are getting. We're up north so we've probably had 4 or 6 inches I think. Stay warm and safe!

  7. Pretty Things - I remember those years of little tykes...I have 17 grands and 9 great grands so I know what you mean. I was always making stuff so my two girls grew up with a Mom who had a craft shop and was always working with glue and macrame cord and flower petals, etc. I have a friend who lives in Maine so I've watched your weather out there over the years and you have had some big storms. Thanks for visiting!

  8. I am amazed at what you get done! Here is how my afternoon went...started out to wrap the giving tree gift, headed upstairs for wrapping supplies, noticed some fall decor that needed to go up so grabbed that, decided to pull out all of the Christmas wrap, bags, bows and the assorted tins and tote bags I have gathered over the last few months (my effort at greening up my holiday). While I was in the guest room doing that I remembered that I needed to look for some pictures I was going to frame for a benefit on Sunday. Brought that pile down to look throught the box of frames I had pulled out a couple days earlier when I first thought about that project, saw the gift I was supposed to be wrapping and OHHHHH can you see where this is going? At the end of the day I did actually finish both wrapping the gift and framing the picture but in the meantime I have started a half dozen other projects which will be waiting for me tomorrow... Have you ever heard about a story called "Sequences"? I thought about that today as I bounced from one project to the next..."Easily Distracted" it says on one of my t-shirts...which remindes me, I have a wool sweater in the dryer in the process of being felted for another project.

  9. That is a hefty list! I hope that you accomplished it!

    Bonnie: We got about 16? inches of snow where I live! I got stuck numerous times in the snow! I will write a post later today about what else happened on Saturday...crazy MN weather!

  10. MyFarmgirlFriend! can you see me? I am you! I laugh when I read that email that circulates...must be the one you are talking about. My days are very similar that's why I made this list for others to see! Hopefully it will keep me on task!

    'Tis the season for running around in circles! Good luck in you endeavors...you did accomplish what you set out to do eventually so that is good. Better than a guy who can only have one folder open at a time! altho there might be some sense in that...

    Thanks for the visit!!!

  11. Rebecca- Oh you are brave - I just stayed in the house and we only got about 7" I think. My Guy got out this a.m. and got the paper and some other groceries so we're good to go! But I'm not - I still have most of my list to finish!!! But I got a start yesterday so now I'm up and running! Stay warm and safe - unlike our Dome...haven't heard where they will play tomorrow...maybe now they have the open air stadium! I will look forward to your post!

  12. I was brave because it was my husband's birthday on Saturday and everything that I had planned fell apart due to the lovely weather! I am wishing that it was still Friday at 5:00pm and that I had a whole weekend ahead of me still!

    Good for you for finishing your list--I did put a new post up!


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