Another Christmas Past...

All the preparations for the holidays are over.  The gifts have been opened and are now at someone else's house and not in my bedroom.  The stashes of cans, packages and bags of food have disappeared and have morphed into leftovers that are stored in many places including the entry porch because its cold out there and the refrigerator can only hold so much.  While this season is an enormous amount of work, the house gets cleaner than usual and there is satisfaction that I tried to make the dishes that loved ones love/like.  The cleaning and cooking are a huge part of their stack of gifts...very huge.

Love it!  Necklace by daughter, Jen
Now we can mess up the house a bit!  Yay!  Bring out the hidden magazines/books that usually sit along side of us on the couch.  My magazines and catalogs look like sticky notes have exploded inside of them marking my places, either to start, finish or pass on articles to friends or family.  There will be a scavenger hunt to find where we hid all the stuff that clutters every flat surface in the house on most days.  And then there are the bills that arrived during the last few days before the "company" would where did I stash the Target bill?

Some people have already started or will soon begin to take their Christmas decorations down.  I say we leave them up until Valentine's Day!  I'll be napping  instead and then I'll read or knit or crochet in my nest on the couch.

Beautiful, sparkling wreath - handmade by daughter, Alissa!
We have a forecast for rain at the end of the week...New Year's weekend.  I say bring it on - I will be nestled in amongst my reading material on my favorite couch in my nearly clean living room.

Tis the season to relax!  Happy New Year!



  1. The necklace is lovely, and how cool is that wreath?

  2. I know! I wish I could take pictures like you do!!!

  3. Hi Bonnie! Glad to hear that you had a nice Christmas. Love the necklace!! I love pearls! Yeah I just listened to the weather...I guess it's not supposed to be THAT bad, but definitely gross rain!

  4. Rebecca- could we be having another weekend of storms??? We do live in an amazing state/State!


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