10 More Things About Me...

1.  I love all things gingerbread, gingersnaps, and ginger ale!  Love the spicy part and refreshing taste.

2.  I'd never be able to live where its warm in the winter...no not.  I hate the ice of MN but the snow is manageable and lovely to look out the window and see the clean, whiteness of the land.

3. Birds, squirrels, pheasants and even the chipmunk can keep me entertained for the longest time.  They play out my window on the other side of my laptop screen so its very easy to stop and stare.  I fantasize about their lives and loves.

4.  Grazing is my preferred form of eating...not so interested in stopping what I'm doing to make a real meal.  My Guy has to have more balanced eating affairs however.  This week I spent one day all day preparing food so I wouldn't have to do the daily drudge of cooking.  Worked great - we still have stuff to eat so no kitchen duty for another couple of days!!!

5.  Life without my Guy would be pretty unbearable.  Speaking for myself, I hardly get angry at him anymore.  I guess I've gotten used to his ways and he to mine in a manner of speaking.  He is my best friend.  He is very tolerant.

6.  I will do just about anything to be able to stay in our home on our land in the country.  When it comes to the point where we can't handle some of the chores that go with having ten acres, I'll figure it out.  Won't move to town unless we're taken out of here kicking and screaming!

7.  I'm at peace with a minimal social life now.  I see my exercise and coffee friends three times a week and then I can come home and be satisfied.  I do need to see my family though too.  My guy really doesn't like to leave home and if he does, its a race to come right back as fast as he can.

8.  My next bigger challenge is to actually build something...maybe not my tree house but something like a gazebo or playhouse.  I have the winter to think of something manageable considering my skills.

9.  Pretzels are my favorite snack right now...not plain ones but chocolate or white chocolate dipped or peppermint sandwich type.  So good with the sweet chocolate and salty pretzel.  Yum.

10.  Getting ready for the holidays is fun.  And then suddenly its over except for the clean up.  Yuck!  I don't like to take the decorations down...its seems sad.  It's way into January by the time I pack the tinsel and garlands away.  We have a much smaller tree this year but I have enough stuff to decorate about 6 trees.  There is comfort in having so much Christmas stuff.


  1. you are so cute =)

    - i have a feeling you like ginger... maybe just a little bit =P
    and snow
    and whiteness
    and not cooking
    and your guy
    and being by yourself
    and your land with your barn
    and building
    and pretzels
    and christmas.
    and you blog..

  2. Ooo, yes, build something and then show us! Can we hold you to that?

  3. Thank you Dani and I will build something. I do refinish stuff but building not so much considering my Guy helps me do that and he's so much better at wood stuff.


  4. Hey sweet pea - thanks for being here and now you know me so well!

    I'm off to finish C'mas projects! Yay!


  5. Ms. Bonnie-you're blog is endearing to me because I happen to live in the great state of Minnesota as well and can relate to a lot of what you have to say!


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