Our New Dog

I love dogs and cats. So when I came upon this little dog, Astrid, I couldn't resist her charm and calm demeanor.  Before we got our Aussie, Honey, we talked about getting a medium size dog that didn't shed.  When we heard about Honey, one eyed, had heart worm, probably had 7 litters, tied up outside her whole life with no hair around her neck where the choker collar rubbed it off, we forgot all our ideals and brought her home after her heart worm treatment was completed.  We were soon to learn when an outside dog moves inside, there is enough hair (undercoat) to create another dog at least weekly.  Next dog has to match the carpet...only problem is we have spruce/teal green carpeting.  Hmmm...

When we got her she weighed about 55 pounds...now she weighs 80 pounds.  I know, I know - we've been accused of overfeeding her.  Truth to tell, she thinks she is in heaven and in heaven apparently you don't have to exercise.  So inactivity has affected her shape.  She is the best, loveliest companion ever - very gentle and so pathetic with her one eye...which is all she needs to take over your heart.

So I got her a pal to keep her young - one that matches her personality and attitude...medium sized and doesn't shed a hair.  I introduce to you, Astrid, our new Schnauzer.

Honey checking out her new sister

 Norma Jean making friends with Astrid
 with Honey ignoring both of them 

No vet bills for Astrid - yay!

Honey contemplating this new interloper!

So our little family is even more complete...without adding more groceries, vet visits, or potty breaks.

Have a great weekend!



  1. astrid looks just like a stone sculpture/statue. no joke.

    yayy, your family is growing =D

  2. sweet pea - you are so observate! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. =) well thank you.

    i had a wonderful weekend, thank you very much. i hope yours was as good as mine.

  4. These pics are adorable!! Sigh. I want pets.

  5. Dani- I could look for a Schnauzer for you! She's really heavy tho..postage would be astronomical. Maybe a quilted one would be better than resin...let me know - I make a really cool elephant too! Or a bear...just saying. If you want a pet - you should have one. I'm sounding delirious - I better go to bed. Stay safe!


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