Fantastic Friday!

Wow - we just got back from the new movie starring Liam Neeson, "Unknown."  It was scary, intriguing, and very surprising.  I totally enjoyed each minute...lots of action, car races/crashes and explosions.  I really like Liam - he's not that handsome but I love his tall, lanky and ambling demeanor.  I have such sympathy for him after his wife died unexpectedly in a skiing accident in the last year or so.  He's so interesting to watch - his face is chiseled and expressive.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours 45 minutes in the dentist chair...not that fun.  Today before noon the temporary bridge broke.  Back to the dentist where he put a temporary on the temporary bridge.  Which meant - no popcorn at the movie.  I adore - no love - movie popcorn.  But the movie was so good that I didn't even miss the popcorn.

Go - especially if you are feeling a little winter depression.  If you don't like an intense, fast moving, suspenseful movie - don't go.  However, you will have missed an invigorating 1 hour and 53 minutes!!!  (Remember I had my jacket over my head a few times but I love Special Op stories so usually I can take most movie scenes.)  I can really lose myself in movies - do you?



  1. I adore Liam Neeson. He's the kind of handsome I gravitate towards. And I loved him in Schindler's List.

  2. Lori- He was very moving in Schindler's List. I would love to know him...I could listen to his voice all day!


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