February Thaw

It's February - in Minnesota - and its 40 degrees!  So after our quilting meeting and lunch (of course) I came home to do something to celebrate this wonderfully warm (by Upnorth standards) day!

So what better project to accomplish than ----- wash my car!!!  It has been a while and for those of you in warm climates, sand and salt do a number on our cars...daily.  When I bought my car a year ago, I wondered out loud about the color and dirt.  The salesman said that it stayed pretty clean compared to a darker red. (?)  I opted for the bright red so I can go to a fire and be mistaken for the fire chief.  Have I told you that I LOVE MY CAR!

I was in such a hurry to get a picture
 that I didn't get a good picture of all the dirt!!!
All pretty now and ready for another
 40 degree day tomorrow and then it gets cold again!
It was fun washing the car outside in February!
I didn't wash the top because none of my friends can see the top and I didn't want water running down my arm into my armpit.  I crept out of the house to do this project before the hubby could tell me why I shouldn't!  It was windy and it dried before the water froze on it.  Yay!  I wonder if I can stay out of the puddles tomorrow. 

Well - it was kind of a slow blogging day for me but I sure had fun and doesn't my car look pretty now???

Off to finish up a wallhanging for my bedroom that I just might show you tomorrow if I get it hung up.  Not sure how I'll do it yet - on a branch or on a curtain rod or on my canopy on my pencil post bed.  Hmmm...

Take care,


  1. LOL !! In Texas that is a cold day !!! What a differance it makes from state to state !!! I need to wash ours tooand it around 70, now I will have to ha ha !!!
    What a cute car you have !!!

  2. Thanks - good mileage! Someone was talking at coffee today about how AZ and TX friends would have their parkas on in this temp and I had a hoodie and a quilted vest on and came home to find my crops! It's all relative...I love 70's but we'll take this temp now!

  3. its so pretty now.
    you know whats weird?
    i have a red car too =P
    bright bright red.
    and its a hatchback.
    yours reminds me of mine,
    a little bit.

  4. sweet pea - we have such good taste! So fun to drive red...

  5. Only Minnesotans wash their cars in 40 degree weather! I love it! Bonnie I've lost track-do I owe you a letter?

  6. Becca- I know - it was so fun! I'm not sure about who owes who. Just write if you like and I'll do the same when I get a few minutes!

  7. Bonnie:
    I sent you a letter before I left for my trip-did you get it?

  8. Becca- yes I did! With the g'kids here this weekend I sorta lost track of things. I spent 3 hrs. in the dentist chair today - new bridge work - so maybe now I can get back in the swing of things. I owe you a letter...watch the mailbox early next week!

  9. very pretty blog!
    have a good day <3

  10. Thank you, tegan! I appreciate your visit! You have a good day too!


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