Day 1: Making Valentines and other stuff...

There is something soothing about making cards...cutting the paper, printing the verses, designing, gluing, glittering, and signing.  Hallmark has nothing on my production line here at my island in my kitchen.  

First versions didn't turn out so good - better ones to come!
It brings me back to when we decorated shoe boxes that we made for the Valentines our classmates would slip inside.  It's funny what I remember about elementary school - White Elephant sales, selling popcorn balls for PTA, making miniature floats during Winter Carnival time, playing spin the bottle before school before the teacher came in the room in 6th grade, playing Pom Pom Pull Away and then later Pom Pom Kiss Away at recess (where were those teachers any way?), ice skating in my skort during lunch instead of eating lunch, and being so in love with blond Dicky Jackson.  Whew - quite a walk down memory lane.

I love my Jim Shore cow!!!
Our grandkids, John (7) and Addy (5) are coming to stay overnight with us this Saturday.  We really enjoy having them because we get to eat what they like - Chicky, fries, pizza, chocolate chip cookies and made-on-the-stove popcorn.  There goes my diet for a day.  I'm thinking up crafts we can do while they are here...making Valentines for Mom and Dad is just one activity.  

Well - I'm finishing up Valentine gifts for them so I will post them tomorrow.  My other projects were put on the back burner until I get their things done.  First things first you know.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend with the kids !!! We makeiong and decorating sugar cookies and cupcakes but Grandma and Grandpa just started low carb and cannot have any , I will make us a low carb cheese cake instead !!I hope you have a lot of fun and take pictures of everything !!!

  2. I love this post! It makes me excited for when I have kids one day, and grandkids-to do fun crafts with them!

    Hubby and I will have just gotten back from our trip so nothing super exciting for us. I will try to have everything unpacked and back to normal so that we can enjoy a lovely dinner that evening. I am at a loss of what to cook.....I feel like I always revert to Italian/pasta. Any ideas for a nice V-Day dinner?

  3. a friend of mine is making lobster and crab! We love pasta - that sounds good to me! I would think that after eating out on vacation - a nice meatloaf with baked potato (comfort food to us) might be in order. I'm hungry so everything sounds good to me!

  4. One of my favorite parts of Valentine's is also the food-- everything pick and red at our house. Mashed potatoes? Throw some pink dye in there!

  5. Dani - what a great idea! Can't wait to see Hubby's face when he's served pink potatoes!!!

  6. Stephie - I might need that cheesecake recipe! It is always fun with grandkids...they think I'm a great cook - gotta love 'em!

  7. bonnie, youre awesome!!
    i wish i had your creativity for a while, so i could make some valentines. (even though i really only need to make 2. plus a few more for close friends..)
    maybe ill try and squeeze that into tomorrows schedule, even though i dont really have supplies for craft projects..
    and im so glad you asked what im doing =P
    im going on a date. =D
    my first ever valentines date!!! im soo excited. hmm, maybe i should blog about it.... =)
    much love

  8. sweet pea - I saw your blog and again - I love that you are happy and are having sushi and now to make your valentines! I bought the premade cookies for my g'kids to make and we will cut the square shapes into heart shapes...that would be easy for you to make and would be edible Valentine's!

  9. oh that would be such a good idea!!
    and thanks for all your optimism. makes me happy =D
    ill let you know if i find the time to make those edible valentines =)

  10. I'll be posting some finished Valentine's as soon as the glitter dries a little...


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