Things to do on Super Bowl Sunday!

Because I really don't care who wins the Super Bowl, I thought I would see how many creative things I could accomplish today.  Some of the things that I've been thinking of doing are not very creative so I thought if I announced that I was going to be creative...I might get creative.

So far I've made breakfast, am working on making lunch, read the Sunday paper, made one trip upstairs with things that need to go upstairs, and took a shower.  Oh yes - I did 20 reps of a new exercise using one dumbbell.  I'm going to take another few trips upstairs to get some more exercise.  Doesn't satisfy my creative spirit so far.

I joined an online dieting program so I'm trying to change my eating patterns and get creative (!) with some new low cal/low fat recipes.  I'm making a recipe that I guess is an old Weight Watchers Chocolate Muffins recipe.  Mix one Devil's Food cake mix (without pudding) and a 15 oz. can of pumpkin.  Put in muffin liners and bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.  My oven isn't the most accurate so I just upped the temperature to 375 and I'm hoping that they will be done at 20 minutes.  Makes 24 muffins.  No eggs - no oil - just a couple handfuls of chocolate chips added to batter.  Very chocolaty and about 90 calories each.  The second batch turned out great and was done.  So you'll have to experiment with the temp in your oven.

Low cal/low fat Chocolate (Pumpkin) Muffins
Tomorrow morning I will bake the Pineapple Angel Food Cake (WW recipe).  Mix Betty Crocker Angel Food cake mix (one step mix) with a 20 oz. can of crushed pineapple with juice.  Put in a 9 x 13 pan and bake at 350 for 35 - 40 min. or when cake pulls away from sides of pan...test with toothpick.  Top should be lightly browned.  Plain is wonderful but Lite Cool Whip or Redi Wip is more delish.  If you cut the cake in 12 pieces, 148 calories each.  Big birthday celebration with Curves Girls!

I have a large tote full of zippers left over from my craft shop days.  So when I saw the latest catalogs with all the zipper pins, I thought - WOW! - I already have the supplies!  Yay!  So here is my first completed pin...I have to work it a little more before I can say I really love it but I have so many wonderful colors for spring that it will be fun to work on more.

Metal Zipper Pin
Well - the Super Bowl isn't even on yet and look how creative I've been!  Off to finish a couple more projects so I have something to show you in the next couple of days.

Hope your team wins!!!



  1. I feel the same way you do about the game, I am in my room playing on facebook and I am trying to figure out what to do with myself today. I love your zipper pin, what a creative use of zippers !!! I need to get creative today too !!!
    Your muffins look good but I am finally back on low carb and can't eat anything like that , I am glad you are finding fun things to eat on your new plan !!
    I look forward to seeing what you share in the next few days !!!

  2. Thanks, timetobeme! We're in for some more cold days so I think being able to think of things to make is a life saver! I appreciate the comment!

  3. Hey Becca! How's your honeymoon and why are you on the computer???

  4. hhahahhahahha bonnie bonnie bonnie.
    you make me giggle.

  5. Hi Bonnie! The honeymoon is great!!! I'm trying hard not to worry about work-but it's hard! I keep thinking I forgot to do something before I left, or that I messed something up and will come back to work in trouble or something! I know I know I know I need to stop!

    We are eating SOO much delicious food, and the weather is great! There is hope for Minnesota, I swear!!!

  6. Becca - You are such a responsible person! It's time to completely relax and even if you forgot something, it will be okay. They don't pay you enough to be fretting about those boys (mostly) I imagine. They probably get paid really big bucks. I know the feeling so I can say these things with authority and experience. Work is work and honeymoons are honeymoons and you shouldn't be mixing the two!!!

  7. I'm loving that zipper pin! Much more interesting than the super bowl. (I came thisclose to typing "bowel". Which may or may not have been an accident...)

  8. That metal zipper pin is amazingly creative!

  9. Thanks Bonnie:) Actually it's girls, mostly. Just one boy at the office. I know, you're right. People tease me that I'm 22, but emotionally 35 and that I need to remember that I'm 22.

  10. Otherworldlyone- you are funny and spot on! Thx.

    Lori - thanks for following me - I'm such a fan of you and your blog. I keep sending your posts to my daughter who makes jewelry and has 3 other jobs besides wife and Mom! I'm excited about making some other zipper pins in spring colors. Take care of you.

    Becca- you are a lovely person - just be who you are and don't listen to me - except when you are on your honeymoon.

  11. Hahaha Bonnie! You're so great. I have taken your advice, and my worries seem to grow farther and farther away. It's funny how when you're removed from your "normal" life for awhile, you realize what is truly important, and what is temporary-I've been mulling those thoughts over this evening...


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