My Old Barn Update, Easy Wrap Recipe and Misc.

We walked out to see the damage done to our barn the other day...its pretty wrecked.  The hay mow floor is holding up lots of the roof because its held up by pretty big logs.  We sure have lots of wood to make stuff.  Barn wood for sale!  Tamarack wood is harder than pine so stay tuned for primitive treasures that we'll be selling at our next sale June 3 & 4.  Maybe I can make my craft cabin out of the wood from my dear old barn.  I'm still sad about her demise.  Darn!

We got our exercise walking out through the knee deep snow.  I love this picture of hubby's footsteps...not pigeon-toed by any means.  Oh and the pigeons who used to roost in the hay mow are gone.  I liked hearing their cooing.  Life means change I guess.  I hope they found another neat old barn...probably moved in with relatives!

What great gifts I received from Steph from the Dallas area!  We were matched up online and have so many things in common.  It's great to meet a new person and find out their interests.  I've just packed up a box of goodies for her...I hope she likes all my handmades!  I didn't share the chocolate covered almonds she gave me and I don't feel guilty at all!  Thanks again, Steph!

At our quilt camp we had Turkey Wraps on the George Foreman grill.  They were so good and so easy!  Take a tortilla, fill it with thin sliced turkey or whatever you like, different cheeses, a few dried cranberries or dried cherries and pecans like I used when I got home, and mix a little mustard with Mayo or whatever you like for a little sauce.  Then fold in the sides and roll up the ends and put it in the heated grill and wait until it melts the cheese.  So good!  My kind of cooking!

Well - its time to finish "Olive Kitteridge" by Elizabeth Strout, a Pulitzer Prize winner.  It's a unique premise....13 short stories with Olive wandering through each story.  I think I could do that if I ever write my book.  I love when a book keeps you intrigued from cover to cover.

Take care until next time,



  1. You've got me attached to that barn now. I'm sad over its demise too.

  2. darn, im sorry for your loss.
    im sad about the barn too.

  3. Thanks, Dani and sweet pea! She will live on - by the time the adjuster depreciates a 100 yr. old roof, there won't be much of a settlement. So we will determine how to proceed...

  4. I am so sorry about the barn! It was so beautiful, and still is.

    I wouldn't have shared any of the chocolate goodies either!

  5. Thanks Becca - you have fun in FL!

  6. I am so sorry about the barn, I can only imagine how hard it is to see something you love be destroyed. I wish I was closer, I would love to come to your yard sale, June 4th is my birthday, lol !!!
    You are so welcome !! I am so glad you loved your box, I had a lot of fun picking everything out for you !!! I would not have shared either, lol !!
    Oh, I am so excited to get something from you too !!!
    Your book sounds interesting , I hope you are enjoying it !!
    Looking forward to learning more about you !!! I am glad we got matched up !!!

  7. Steph - I'll try to remember you b'day but I don't have much of a mind around sale time. Your package should be there by Thursday! Hope you enjoy!

  8. You do not have to remember my birthday lol !! I do not even know yours yet !! I just thougtht it was funny you were having your sale that weekend !!! What is sale time ? Is it a yard sale ? It sounds interesting !!
    I am sending off a little valentine package tomorrow, so you should see that by the end of the week too !!! I just love valentines day !!!

  9. ps, I am sure I will enjoy my package, thanks you so much !! I am excited to get it, Jill is so right, we do not get enough real mail anymore so it is really fun to get a package or letter !!!


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