Enough already!

I think the whole state of Minnesota is ready to stay home.  In the last 40 some days we have had over 30 some days of snow.  All right already - we get it, its winter.  My daughter is tall but can't see over the snowbanks from her Jetta at the stop signs.  The Public Works guys don't know where to shove the snow anymore.  We give - we give!

It snowed all day today - a fine, snowglobe kind of snow.  The slippery, greasy roadways are causing havoc in the larger metro areas.  We are at our wits end and its only half way through January.  The snowbirds have vanished to parts south but wait - there is snow in 49 out of 50 states.  How far will they have to go next year to escape the white stuff???

The diehards are hunkered down knitting and crocheting their hearts out.  Some are cooking - peering into the bottom of the chest freezer to look for ingredients to make comfort food...more comfort food...we need comfort food!

Our lack of sunshine is hitting us hard in January - wait - doesn't that usually come over us in February?  We are in a state of emergency - we need sunshine - snowbirds, will you send us some of yours or do you have any to spare?

Polar fleece is my uniform of the day.  Now I add a quilted vest to complete the fashion statement.  I volunteered to go out and get the mail today.  I put on my Nanook of the North jacket on but it wouldn't zip...must remove the quilted vest.  Too many layers.

When I got to the end of the driveway, there wasn't a mailbox.  The post was there but the mailbox...no, wait...there it is laying in the snow.  The snowplow driver finally hit his target...eleven years the mailbox has stood solid while others up and down the road have fallen.  I try to pick it up and place it back on the post...its very heavy and bulky.  Where is my Mr.???  I know he is watching me get the mail...yes, there he is walking toward me while I struggle to balance ours and the neighbor's back on the post.   Ah! we see that the mailman has been by but saw the mailboxes in the ditch and took our precious mail back to the Post Office. 

Going to get the mail when you live in the country is a big deal and when you get there its an even bigger deal to have mail.  A package in our oversize box is second only to Christmas.  So the thought that he couldn't bring our bills to the house and let us know what had happened is depressing.

The box is back on the post - attached with new screws and ready for tomorrow when hopefully we will get two days of mail, really making our day!  You can be assured that we will be checking in the morning to see if the mailbox made it through the night and stood up to the snowplow. 

Just another snowy day in the country,



  1. I am with ya! I am getting a little tired of all this snow and sludge!!! My honeymoon can't come soon enough! My husband and I leave in two weeks for a nice warm vacation so I have some consolation there!

  2. We need a bit of snow here in Cali but I was in the mountains and it was very tough to get around unless you are just playing in it. Hope the sun come over soon for you!

  3. Becca- Have a great honeymoon! What a great time to go to a warm place!

    Shopgirl - Oh how you could have some of our snow to play in! At least with all this snow its bright outside even without the sun.

  4. hey bonnie?
    i have a little question for you.
    how did you put your award in your sidebar?
    i wanna do that.
    but i dont know how =(

  5. sweet pea - thanks for visiting my blog - go to design, click on add a gadget, scroll down to picture and follow instructions. First you have to add award to your pictures so when you browse you choose your award.

  6. http://goroshechek.blogspot.com/2011/01/bit-of-sunshine-for-those-missing-it.html


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