A Very Hot Sale!

Beyond expectations is the phrase I would use to describe our sale this past weekend.  To set the scene -

a.  The temperature was in the high 90's.
b.  The dewpoint was in the high 70's.
c.  The breezes were non-existent.
d.  The setting was a steel building.

These details = a sauna! 

It was brutal in the barn!  But you apparently cannot stop women from shopping no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.  So we get up - get dressed - and get going!

Here's a couple pictures:

I know there are better pictures that others took but this is my attempt at capturing the place before most things were sold!

The evening of the first day of our sale brought lots of excitement.  The heat should have been a hint...more tomorrow!

Take care,



  1. It looks wonderful !! Do you at least have fans where you are all day ?
    I am glad you are doing so well and I hope it is cooler for you tomorrow !!


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