Somewhere is hiding my last post...can't view it - can't feature it on Facebook. I'm trying again on a different subject.  Never mind - I think I tricked Blogger and it finally published and I couldn't Preview but caught the address and was able to get it on Facebook!!!  You have to be conniving I guess.  We'll see how this one goes or if it goes!!!

Anyway after I got home from my 5 day quilt retreat last Monday - Yay!  5 days!!! - Hubby announced - the bath tub is completely plugged up and the heat doesn't come on. 

So workpeople were here last Monday cleaning, unplugging and tearing down the furnace.  Good news is - floors, etc. are clean and tub drains.  Bad news...furnace will be costly to repair so we opted to replace.  Darn! 

When "they" talked about the opportunity to replace, "they" commented that it would only take a day.  Now "they" are telling us how busy "they" are and it might be sometime this week.  Urghh...

Running electric heaters = costly.  Not running electric heaters when its 40 - 50 degrees = chilly.

So all last week no heat at home but we had hot water that drained down the drain in the tub.  Yay! 

We planned a weekend at the lake to go to Oktoberfest at Ruttger's.  The festival was great - so many vendors selling so many crafts.  No really many funky Christmas things though, which is what I was looking for.  But at the cabin, we had heat!!!  Yay!  But no hot water...darn!..until Saturday night and we went home Sunday morning.

Irony.  Off to cuddle with Hubby and Honey for warmth.

Take care,


  1. I like the new blogger template you've chosen, it's really nice and looks very professional!
    Hope you have your heat back on - but enjoy the cuddling nonetheless : ) x


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