A Few Vintage Quilts...

Today is the first day of real snow at our house.  We probably got 10 inches.  So Mr. J spent a lot of time snow blowing our driveway and of course, a path to the new barn.  I haven't quite wrapped things up in there yet - takes me a while to get back out there after our intense days surrounding our sales.  But it is supposed to warm up this week with Thanksgiving being about 52 degrees!  So that will be very nice for every one who is traveling to a great dinner some place.

A while ago I decided I would feature my vintage quilts on my blog.  So I took a picture of four of them.  I'm not sure that this is the best way to show them but for now I will show you how I display them in my home.

MY hubby makes these quilt ladders and supplies a local shop.  I love them because I can take them out of the quilt cupboard and display them a little better.  It's always good to unfold and refold quilts differently so they don't develop permanent lines that will weaken them.   

I bought all of these quilts on ebay sometime in the early 2000's.  They are all forties quilts except for the red and white one that is a variation of a Red Cross quilt that was given to soldiers returning from WWI by the Red Cross c. 1920.  I'm not sure of the names of the patterns but the red and white is a diamond in a square.  I had this quilt appraised and the appraiser called it an economy patch variation - I like diamond in a square better.

The top quilt is a four pointed star and the fabrics are so interesting - some large prints and others are smaller - visually very interesting.

The third one down on the ladder is some kind of Dresden Plate I think - I can't find it anywhere in my quilt books.  Again the fabric is wonderful and the old green and lavender colors in the appliqued circles are bright and light up a dark room.  I've heard that is why those colors were used.  The lighting wasn't very good in the olden days and those quilts really brightened a room. 

The aqua and white is a nine patch and snowball combination.  This was a top that I bought and had quilted.  The fabric is very crisp and has a bit of a shine like a polished cotton.  My favorite green color - it was called a mint but is a little duller than mint I think.

I will add more quilts to this blog as I research them a little more.  I have to figure out how to hang them up so the whole quilt can be appreciated. 

I do love my quilt collection.



  1. Bonnie, they're adorable - and I love the way you're showing them. Why not get those little curtain clips and they can then be clipped to a curtain pole to show the whole quilt?

  2. Bonnie how wonderful to have such a collection of quilts WWII Wow, I have my great grandmother quilt that she made with her quilting group, I treasure it. thank you so much for entering my giveaway! Good luck



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