Decorating the Outside!!!

Today seemed like a good day to finish decorating so I put on my winter coat and braved the cold winds! 

We have Juniper, Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Pine, White Pine, Jack Pine, and Arborvitae in our yard.  So I began my pruning adventure and lopped off lower branches where I could and thinned the others like the Spruce where I could just take a piece of a layer.  I just gather what I like and start arranging in my window boxes and my wheelbarrows.  I still had a small stash of winterberries from our Christmas sale - I love the little touch of red!

Our little Christmas doggie in the window!
Love the old bird houses...sometimes a bird will come
 and visit but won't move in!
Even gargoyles get some decorations!
and our Christmas goose nests in one of my old wheelbarrows
I wonder how long before he gets covered in snow!

Now I feel better - I almost ran out of time to get this project done.  No snow in the forecast so my family will be able to see my little outside vignettes on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to all!