Bird Rescue...

This year I have been leaving my screen house open on the deck and I had just been wondering why a bird had not flown into it and become trapped.  I had left it unzipped but not all the way up....thinking this would keep the birds out.

Well - yesterday I was coming back from a walk with Annie and heard something chirping and flying around in the screen house.  It was against the east wall and fluttering and falling and fluttering.  I decided to pull up my big girl pants and go in to rescue this poor little bird. 

Oops - I thought - better take Annie in so I put her on the porch and ventured in the doorway.  Now the bird had dropped into a big pot that had a plant in a pot in it.  There was water in the bottom and the poor thing was drowning!  

Oh my - what to do.  I pulled on the heavy pot that has a metal trellis in it and tried to get it out but it was too heavy so I could only pull it to the side.  It was enough for the soaked bird to get out and fly low over to the other corner.  

They get so scared when they are trapped that I was worried it would fly into me and I would scream and well, you know.  But I was able to pull the screen up at the corner high enough for it to fly out.  Whew!

I'm thinking it was a Thrush of some kind - it looked like this Hermit Thrush but bigger.  The beak was similar and the coloring was like this little guy.

Now I will keep the doorway isn't a very good zipper this year so I was nervous about using it so much but in order to save the birds and myself - I'll zip it and forget it!!!

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  1. Yup, better keep zipped out to keep the birds out.
    It such a wonderful summer day!


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