Warrior Weed Queen...

Here we are with summer 2/3 of the way over.  Well, that is my definition when it is the end of July.  I think we've had a warm/hot summer so looking at fall on the horizon is a good thing for me.

Bee Balm,  Milkweed
and Hydrangeas
The flowers are unusually full of blossoms with the temperatures and rain we have had this year.  The last of the perennials are opening - the Brown-eyed Susan are just beginning to open to complete the wonderful mix of red Bee Balm, orange and other variations of Day lilies, the three shades of pink and white Phlox, Hydrangea and the yellow Stella lilies. The wild light pink Roses are done along with the Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, Tulips, pink and magenta Peonies and Allium.  The Autumn Joy Sedum will soon be opening to complete the autumn garden.

I'm a pretty good deck gardener...but today I tackled the itch weed in the raised gardens out by my vintage camper.  Those awful invaders stung me right through my garden gloves - they are rubber like on the inside and the fingers but knit on the back so my pulling hand is stinging.  I will survive though - they are laying on the ground ready to go in the rocks behind the barn.  And good riddance!

Those dang itch weeds are down and out!

Pretty Pansies all in a row!

   Here are some pictures of my gardens - so let's take a stroll!


Day Lily
Geranium on the stump and Phlox along the house.
Three different pink and white Phlox!
Ornamental Kale & Marigolds in the wheelbarrow - Day Lilies back my Gazebo.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my gardens...I wish you were here to help me weed!!!

Take care,