Fall gives me energy!!!

How refreshing to have cool temps, light breezes, and very low dew point.  When its like this I could create things all day...if I was disciplined enough, that is!

Tomorrow will be the day when I send out gifts I have finally completed!  Graduation was more than 3 months ago...and the baby is also more than 3 months old.  It seems to take me longer and longer to complete things lately.  It's so much more fun to begin new projects!  Don't you think?

I think part of the problem is that I want it to be an appropriate gift...not just a gift.  Also I think I'm making gift giving more difficult than I should.  The process is the journey for me and the destination isn't always high priority I guess.  Or could this be rationalizing???  Yup..and so goes my life!

Hunter's "Just Ducky" Quilt

Valedictorian Samantha's Handmades 

My best friend (Hubby) and I are getting ready for our first trip abroad in twelve years.  There are lots more rules now and it's making me kind of unsettled.  Holding up the security line is not on my favorites list...so I am checking and rechecking bag sizes, weight restrictions (if only I would have lost the weight I wanted to), liquid rules, etc.  Two weeks worth of clothes, shoes, prescriptions, books, shoes, and on and on into a suitcase that is the size of an overnight case.  Found a small bottle of Febreeze so we should be fine!?!  Now to make an address list so I can send postcards! 

Yesterday I cooked tomato sauce with Roma tomatoes and froze about six quarts.  Usually I bake them in the oven with olive oil, garlic, a little sugar, salt and pepper at 250 degrees for a couple hours.  Then I put them in a blender and pour into freezer containers.  This year I put them in the food processor, then added them to onions, garlic, sugar, salt, pepper, and celery salt that I had cooked to transparent.  Then I cooked them for a couple of hours, cooled the mixture and poured into freezer bags.  I have another colander full of regular tomatoes on the stove waiting for me to decide what to do with them.  I'd love to have BLT's every day - tonight we had a large slice on a bacon cheeseburger ...yum!  Tomorrow is the last day to get them off my to do list and processed. 

While on vacation I started working on a bedroll quilt for my 2nd grade grandson, John.  I tried not to bring 1/2 of my sewing room when we went to the lake and forgot one of my most important tools...my ruler.

Forest Fun Nap Mat

Borrowed Vintage Wooden Ruler

Yarn Needle Card I used for marking 2 1/2" squares

So where there is a will - there is a way!  Using a rotary cutter and an old wooden ruler made creative memories at our August vacation at the lake.

The meatloaf baking is so aromatic - might have to have a meatloaf sandwich for a treat tonight! 

Take care!