Up at the Lake Again!

It's always a good day at the lake - I don't let the weather determine how I'm enjoying my time - usually.  This visit we've run the gamut...almost 90 degrees with dew point in the 70's when we arrived and today it began in the 50's and dew point/humidity way low.  So I have a sweatshirt and my winter vest on and I'm still cold and its afternoon!  However, I would rather put on clothes than take them off so I'm not really complaining!?!

I'm getting better at relaxing on vacation.   Our first year at the resort, I finished many projects of the quilting variety.  This year I haven't completed very many projects at all.  I think I'm okay with scaling back.  I tried to bring a reasonable amount this time.  Car was still full.  So far I have finished tying the quilt for our new great grandson.  Oh yes - I hemmed a pair of shorts today.

At the little store at the resort are many books by authors that I love and follow faithfully so that is a project deterrent.  I started one yesterday by Lee Child with Reacher as the main character.  I'm half done with the book so I'm not just staring out the window or at the TV - I'm staring at a book.  Oh well - I have to finish it and bring it back before I leave so the race is on. 

Here's our little store that makes pizzas for us, stocks ice cream, groceries, sweatshirts and t-shirts.  There's always a friendly face behind the counter in the store.

Here is a picture of my home away from home craft/sewing room:

My computer room/kitchen where I'm adding to my blog!

Our little deck and entrance to our wonderful screened porch.

The view while I sew.

I've always wanted a cabin...this is the best of both worlds.  We feel like its ours but don't have the year round responsibility of another property.  We come up in the spring and the fall to help open and then close the resort.  Another one week or two is spent just relaxing and not working.  We've met such nice people - we feel blessed.

Hope you are enjoying your summer - not much left in MN!

Take care!



  1. Okay, you are worse than I am...I bring handwork and my computer...you bring everything including the kitchen sink! As long as you're having fun and relaxing, though...it's a good thing.


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