Lazy Days of Summer?

Well - maybe the last few days have been lazy but not before then!  August 6 & 7 were very busy days - our Farmgirls Country Sale brought lots of people to the country. 

The weather turned out to be beautiful although the set-up days were so hot and humid it was a wonder we lived through them.  Minnesota weather this summer has been extreme.  The last week has brought us more than 5 inches of rain.  It's amazing that there isn't water sitting in the fields because it certainly was yesterday.  By tomorrow the humidity is supposed to be reasonable - yay!!!

Enough of the weather - the sale was successful and now to get everything left packed away until our spring sale.  Hubby is a magician when it comes to storing stuff so we can get our truck/car into the pole barn/garage.

I have to show you a project that I completed for the sale.  It was made out of these things:

This is a baby changing table with a teacup shelf sitting on top.  I painted both items and then Hubby put a nice new wood piece on the top of the changing table and screwed the shelf on to the top.  Now it can be used for a cupboard, mini bar or plant potting station.  Here it is repurposed, recycled and reused!

It's so much fun when something goes together and fits.  I'm always on the lookout for fun pieces that can be used together to build something useful and interesting.

I'm still working on organizing my little studio/workroom. We rearranged the living room so Hubby can use the large school teacher's desk to do his stamp organizing for his stamp collection. I bought a cool piece at our sale to continue to organize my mixed media stuff. I will update that project tomorrow if I get a chance.
  Take care!