Getting projects done - one by one!

Today was a great day spending time with my youngest daughter, Jen, and two of my grand kids, John and Addy.  We love to go to garage sales so that was our plan.  The kids found lots of fun stuff - Jen and I - not too many!  At least lunch at the DQ was successful!  Those new Pecan Pie Blizzards are too good...

I showed you pictures of my workroom/studio where things have just piled up and up.  Well - yesterday I spruced up one of my cupboards so I can begin to organize my stuff!

Here's the before picture:

The finish on this cupboard was bad...could hardly sand it smooth.  It kept clogging up the sandpaper so I did the best I could and then primed it.

I'm so happy with the results although it is a little whiter than the upper cupboard.  I might use a little raw umber in water and wash it so it looks more aged/shabby.  Tomorrow I will begin to fill it up with stuff.  I found that the wire baskets (like mail baskets) fit three across so on one shelf I will see what they will hold.  I might get those Rubbermaid shelves and stack the baskets on them.  We'll see.  I painted the inside a wonderful aqua of my favorite colors.

A while ago I made a couple little dress clothespin keepers.  They were lots of work but I decided to make more to sell...I couldn't find my pattern!!!  So I made a pattern from an old clothespin keeper I found at a wonderful sale.  And then I did a bizillion other things.  So instead of making a cute little dress to hold clothespins, I bought little baby dresses and closed up the sleeves, bottom of dress or matching panties.  I do love the hunt!!!

Here are the pretty little clothespin keepers all in a row!

I played with the necklines a little - some I turned the dress around and rearranged buttons, etc.  I think they are so cute and now I've used up those little dresses that have been stored in my sewing room for over a year!  Yeah!!!

Tomorrow I will work on the mini-bar I'm making out of a shelf and baby changing table.  I've almost finished painting the top part (shelf) so I hope to complete the bottom part (changing table) and soon show you my next completed project!

It feels so good to get projects completed.  Usually I do inside stuff when its hot and humid outside but there has been just enough of a breeze the last couple of days so I've actually accomplished a couple of painting projects out by the pole barn.

You can see I'm using my blog to encourage myself to start and finish lots of projects.  Our trash to treasure sale is only two weeks away so I plan on showing you lots of recycled, renewed and repurposed farmhouse and cabin furnishings!

Take care,