Creating new stuff with old stuff!!!

Today was quilting day with quilting friends.  It continues to amaze me that I have met so many like-minded women in our small town.  To be able to laugh and to share with friends is one of the great joys of my life.  Our lives are unique but so similar in so many ways!

I finally finished a couple of Pocket Pillows.  On both of the pillows, I ran muslin thru my computer copying the pictures and then I sealed them with Modge Podge.  Much cheaper than buying the photo fabric.

"There is only one queen ... and its me!"

"Dance with me!"

My cousin and I were born on the same day so when I found a couple of pictures of us I thought it would be fun to use them in my projects.  In the top pillow we are sitting on a blanket on my Aunt and Uncle's farm.  I used the faded lining of a red wool jacket I felted to make the flower where I added a dangling pearl or two.  I copied old button cards attaching old buttons and stuck them in the pocket.

The bottom pillow I used an old label on the pocket, made the hanger out of an old paper tape measure adding old buttons for embellishments and another button card in the pocket.  I know I will be adding things to both of these pillows.  For sure I will be adding a crown to my cousin's head as soon as they come in the mail...the ones I have are too big.

I love the hunt for supplies so I thought I better use a one of the purses I found at our local thrift store.  My husband hands me his old jeans and I cut them apart reusing the zippers and pockets and whatever else might be left of them.  He doesn't give them up easily!

"I didn't just say that!"

So I used one of his pockets, added a picture of the cousins, added a little lace, old buttons and its now awaiting a lacy hanky!  The hunt goes on!

I finally got to the fun project that I purchased at the quilt show we had in May.  This purse is really easy and fun to make.  The ends of the handles come off and the body of the purse just slides on!  I've already chosen dark blue batiks with chickens for my next purse change!

I love the funky large prints that are back.  I used the same fabric line for the purse I made with the flower pin and showed you on my last post.  That fabric had a black background where this one is red.

Well, I think my summer will slow down now somewhat.  Although we have another Farmgirls Country Sale August 6 & 7.  I will be selling some Pocket Pillows and Picture Purses.  So I better go to my room...sewing room that is and get something done. 

I have taken some before pictures of some projects like another potting bench that can double for a mini-bar where I'm combining an old cup and saucer shelf with an old wood baby changing table.  So tomorrow I am going to paint and then take an after picture for you to see. 

Can you see Norma Jean in the window??? She watches and/or follows me most of the time - sometimes so close she almost gets stepped on!

"Pretty Kitty!"

And whenever I call Norma Jean, Honey gets up and comes to me like I'm calling her...there is some jealousy between the two of them.  Many times Norma pummels Honey by sitting up on her hind legs and boxing Honey as she walks by.  Good thing she has no front claws!!!  We were so lucky to find them at the Northwoods Humane Society!

"Our one-eyed Aussie beauty!"

Hope you have good friends to share laughs and thoughts with - it is so good for the soul.

Take care,