Happy Birthday America!!!

The land of the free and the home of the brave!  How lucky we are to live in such a grand country!  We get together each year with picnics and fireworks to peacefully, however, noisily  celebrate our Declaration of Independence!  Our flag is so beautiful - doesn't it look good with my bee balm?

It is very hot and humid so I have been sewing in between picking raspberries and clearing some small trees that have popped up in my garden along the pole barn.  I can see part of the area from my computer but don't get out there much until the raspberries are ready...and much to my surprise - lots of willows, roaming raspberries, and some other healthy volunteers.  So yesterday in this tropical weather, Hubby and I began our taking down of trees!  We got the easy part done and now maybe tomorrow we'll tackle the last half of the garden of lovely plants - hostas and other shrub types planted by previous owners in rock!  I hate gardens planted in rock!  I'll show you a picture when its done and pretty.

Completing projects has got to be one of my favorite past times!  I have  completed three Victoria Knitting and Sewing Totes by Sue Spargo.  This one is a surprise for someone who had a birthday in June so I'm not very late!


This may not look like a lot of work but let me tell you - IT IS!  I had some sample books of decorator and upholstery fabric.  So on each side of the center panel are 16 2 1/2" squares - each hand picked to coordinate with the other fabrics and panel.  I barely got the panel of the tropical bird out of the sample book but it worked.  The buttons are all old and large - 11 in all!  So when you multiply that by 3 bags...it adds up and I thank my friends for their donations!

While at the lake last month, I made this purse by Heather Bailey, her Marlo Bloom Handbag.  It sure was fun picking out the fabric at Country Fabrics, Quilts & Collectibles in Brainerd.  The fabric is Oz by Moda.  The purse is reversible and has a fun fabric flower pin.  The inside is the same as the handle for those days when you want to be more subtle.  I will be making more of these with matching makeup bags!


I'm working on organizing my sewing room and my studio where I hope to be making more mixed media projects.  In order to get myself motivated, I am going to show you my sewing room before so I can show you my sewing room after.  So don't get scared - its messy!!!

And this is my future studio!  I have been collecting treasures and stacking them up.  It's time to be accountable and organize so you are my organizational police.  I will be updating these two pictures as I get busy.


I hope you are having a great time celebrating America's great birthday and if you are out driving - be safe!


Take care!
Farmgirl Bonnie