The Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer?

I can understand the hazy part of summer (fires in Canada and heat) but not the lazy part of summer.  Seems like there is more than enough to do what with gardening - weeding  especially! 

My little potting table with a long metal box on the back where I've planted begonias.  The white ones are looking good but the dark leaf ones haven't established themselves yet.  Oh well - the green leaf ones will be taking over as the summer goes on!  They do love the heat.

After our week at the lake, we came home to tomatoes that had grown at least 8 inches and filled out with blossoms  all over!  Just got the cages on so the branches won't break off.  Last year we waited too long and we went cage-less because to cage them would have broken their branches.

My peppers in the wheelbarrow are doing great but the ones in the ground - not so much!  Something is eating the whole lower leaves off right to the main stalk.  So in another wheelbarrow they go!

The mesclun is growing and so are the onions so I think by next week we will be able to make a salad of sorts.

In May I took this picture of the resort from the water...not the best shot but when we go back in August I will take a couple to show some of the rest of the area including our cabin.  A very neat place with great owners!

Doesn't that water look inviting???  I planted some perennials along our cabin last fall and almost everything is up.  I noticed a weed whip or something wild was eating at the Stella's but they are filling out again.  It will be fun to see how good they look in August.  The tiny peony I planted looks healthy also...maybe next year or the year after it might bloom.  I'll have to bring some fertilizer and give it a shot when we return.

These are a couple of my souvenirs from this trip...absent is the fabric and patterns I bought.  The purse is almost done and I'll post when I get the flower pin completed.  The silhouette plate is unique in my collection and will hang with my red transferware somewhere in my kitchen.  The little doggie planter is pretty rare where I shop so I feel I really got a find!!!

Here is my corner cupboard - my cupboard is hardly bare...needs some weedin' I think but the planter brings a little red to another shelf.  I love art pottery and collect a little Red Wing and McCoy along with no-name stuff.

Tomorrow is a day in St. Paul with my Hubby and Dad visiting my Aunt Millie.  It's been too long between visits - it will be fun!

Take care - talk soon!

Farmgirl Bonnie