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Well - that's enough rain for quite some time.  Puddles everywhere and so are the mosquitoes!  I have weeding to do but will have to put on a Hazmat suit for protection.  We've had so much rain that I'm turning green along with the foliage!

I love calla lilies, pansies, zinnias, irises and pinks!  I have wild roses that have been open for a week but this is one of my "John" roses that my son in law gave me.

I love going out in the morning to check on my gardens to find all the new changes.  I found my beans are up, the onions are doing great and the mesclun (various lettuce) is 2" or more high.  The tomatoes are filling out and growing up.  The peppers are maturing and setting blossoms.  I'm still waiting for the peas to peek through the black dirt...I soaked them a little long so they had really sprouted - I hope they didn't swim too long.  The rhubarb continues to grow wide and tall.

I have enough to supply the country if they would only ask.  We will bring at least a rhubarb cake to the lake next week.  I better start freezing some too.  I like rhubarb sauce but Hubby doesn't so much...well, if there is an overabundance of sugar in it he does.

Hubby's Mom, Evelyn, died last February a month before she turned 90.  I have been working on a memory piece for Hubby's sis.  I took three pictures that she sent me and copied them onto photo fabric (usually I use muslin ironed on freezer paper) but I was working under some pressure to finish it before our nephew's graduation open house so I took the easy way out.  Then I sealed the photos with Mod Podge.  I made a small quilt and embellished it with Mom's buttons and other things.  At the lake I will make a Memory Purse using an early picture of Mom and three pieces of her jewelry.  The purse can be set on a shelf, hung on a door knob or used as a purse. 

I have to finish reading James Patterson & Richard Dilallo's book, Alex Cross's Trial, before Friday so I best get to the sofa and READ!  Oh darn!  Janet Evanovich's new book, Sizzlin' Sixteen, comes out on June 22.  Her books are such a hoot!

Give yourself permission to read and craft and enjoy!

Farmgirl Bonnie


  1. Great read...sometimes I wish I had a yard to do some planting. Going to try to get my patio up and working today between rain showers. Going to plant only flowers and herbs right after I put up the tent. Have to get some cement blocks to use to tie down the tent. Enjoy your flowers.


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