I love chairs!

Another Farmgirls Sale is over.  It was a huge success - the rain held off for most of both days!  Whew!  I love chairs and everyone said I had enough chairs.  Every time I think I have seen every chair ever made - I find another unique chair.  So we sold chairs - rockers, side chairs, Firehouse chairs, Bentwood chairs, Jenny Lind bench, vanity benches, kids chairs, garden chairs and more chairs!

"I love it.  I love it!  And who shall dare, to chide me for loving that old arm chair!"  - Eliza Cook

We'll be scheduling another sale the first part of August because we have so many more ideas!  I hardly believe it but its Tuesday after the sale and I've already finished a few things for the next sale!  Woo hoo!  It's been pouring most of the day so it was perfect for crafting.

Once again, I didn't take many pictures and it did look so grand.  I need help in that area...my own personal photographer...any volunteers???

So you can see a little of our wares.  I always say - "Paint it red and it will sell!"  Red is such a happy color.  I have something red in every room in my house I think.  Do you?  I also love aqua and pair those two colors up quite often.  My Mom's kitchen was often painted aqua...maybe that's why I like it.  I have a picture by my computer of my Mom in my Grandma's kitchen.  I just noticed that Gram's kitchen is painted aqua and the walls are decorated with travel plates.  I have a collection of transferware plates hanging in my kitchen.  I guess the saying, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" holds pretty true on the female side of my family!

I have very creative Farmgirl friends who help set up our sale.  Each sale we glean ideas from each other.  This sale the yo yo flowers on old plastic knitting needles were a huge hit.  So here is one of my message pillows with my version of the yo yo flower.  I made mine double using two different sizes of yo yo's.  So simple but so cute!


I make yo yo's while I watch TV so I have quite a few made but when I went to the thrift store on Monday, I found a shiny navy blue tote bag that begged to be decorated with something.  I immediately thought of my blue batik fabric so I made a few more yo yo's and the following two pictures show the transformation of a nice plain bag into a tote with yo yo personality!

Mostly I make yo yo's out of 30's fabric so before our quilt show a few weeks ago I decided to embellish my quilting shirt.  The collar is beginning to wear so I sewed yo yo's on the collar securing them with a button.  I planned to put them down the front but envisioned that I would look clownish so I just added one to the pocket.

This is a little bag from The Gap that needed to be perked up.  So I added a polka dot - yep - yo yo and another couple of embellishments and a few beads. 

Fabric bags just scream out for embellishing so the next one I do will be covered all over with 30's fabric yo yo's.  I love 30's fabric!  That one probably won't be for sale - it will be for me!

Tomorrow is our Farmgirls meeting.  We will have show and tell - just like in school.  It is fun to share ideas and I know I will come home with more ways to spend my waking moments!

"The purpose of life is not to be happy but to matter; to be productive, to be useful, to have it make a difference that you lived at all."

Take care!

Farmgirl Bonnie 


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