A Winning Week!!!

What a great couple of days we spent out in the barn...not only was the sale a huge and I mean, huge success but the day was filled with laughter and friends and just good fun.  Both days the weather was gorgeous - not too hot or too humid.  A few rain drops today but the rain didn't even cover the sidewalk in front of the barn.

And now I have my favorite uniform on - a light quilted vest and a light flannel shirt.  I love the coolness of the air tonight - it will be good sleeping tonight after a couple of weeks of long days of moving furniture around and walking many miles back and forth between our pole barn, house and new barn getting things ready for the sale.

I have to say that we have the nicest, funniest customers.  Some come from as close as across the road and some travel miles to see us.  Two new friends stopped in on their way from Superior, WI to shop in St. Cloud, MN.  We just happened to be between the two cities.  Yay!  What fun ladies - we hope to see them again soon!  Superior is approximately 90 miles from here!

We must celebrate one of the accomplishments of one of our Farmgirls.  Farmgirl Barb won the Gedney Pickle Sweepstakes prize at the MN State Fair this week and we sold many jars of her Bread and Butter pickles in the last two days!  Congrats to her!!

My private pickle stash!
So all in all - we are celebrating our successes and resting up for a few days.  And then we begin again - the hunt is on for more items to get ready for the October sale.  Hey - I thought we were retired!

Take care,



  1. I am glad you had such a great sale and had a lot of fun too !! HOw wonderful that the weather was so cooperative !! I sure wish I lived close enough to come by and shop !! Enjoy your rest, you have earned it !!!

  2. And once again, I missed a great time..maybe next year. Can't wait to see your new barn and all the stuff you've been doing. I'll be in Minnesota this week...see you soon!!


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