Shoppin' Queen...

Chandelier that will be at Zimmermann's in Mora-
part of a vignette I'm creating!!!
I have an affinity for making friends with store keepers and UPS guys.  In other words, I love to shop – in person and/or online.

So it was no surprise when we got home from the lake that there were packages waiting for me – on the porch and in the mailman’s trunk.  Wa hoo!!!

I received a Dashiki, rolls of burlap, moss balls, wooden tags, a book, a chandelier and a great bunch of lavender!

Some of the supplies I received!
There is still lots to put away from our trip to the lake but tomorrow is another day.  Today I did a little gardening, put the grape jelly out for the Orioles (they are still around!), and made a nice steak dinner for us.

Usually our dog, Honey, made the trip to the lake with us.  But not this time.  Honey is still a part of our every day lives - we think of her and how she ate her blanket the time we boarded her when we went to the North Shore, how she chased that fox out of the yard and tonight I will have popcorn by myself - she used to have a bowl with me.  We miss her when the dog food commercials are on TV.  I suspect we always will along with Midnight, Shadow and Gorby.

Norma Jean, our cat, fills part of that void...she was so lonesome for me while we were gone that she won't stray too far from me.  She gets on her back legs and touches my arm as I type and lays on my leg when I'm sitting on the sofa.  She misses Honey too!  No one loves us as unconditionally as our pets love us...

Take care,


  1. When is the next sale?

  2. Our next sale is in Oct. - 5 & 6 and 12 & 13. We are bringing our stuff to Zimmermann's Decorating and Floor Covering shop in Mora, MN. So its been a crazy summer of creating!!! Thanks for asking!

  3. Miss Bonnie, First off I want to send my condolences about Honey. Such a sweet pup. Our pets do become such a huge part of our lives & hearts.
    On another note, Wow girl!! have you been busy! I do check from time to time zimmermans, & you have outdid youself. Cute, Cute, Cute! If anyone gets a chance to check out Bonnies creations, its a must Do! It's the perfect break from the daily rush!

  4. Hi Rene! What a fun surprise to hear from you! Thanks for visiting - it is fun to create for Judy at Zimmermann's. Who knew I would be sewing on burlap for months at a time!!! Hope to see you nest week!

  5. Do you have pics from your sale at Zimmermans in Nov? I couldn't be there?

    1. Sorry Donna! I didn't take my camera so I didn't get any that night but leading up to that night I did and they are on my FB page...Farmgirls Country Sale. So many things sold that Monday I will take more pictures and I will post them on my blog. I'm so busy that my blog is getting forgotten and I mean to catch up here!


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