A New Challenge!!!

Today is another "Woo Hoo" day!  When I got to my friend's house for coffee, I told her about my new venture.  As I shared this news with her,I  was so excited that I could hardly breathe!!! 
My newest peonies...
love the darker color!
I've probably said that before but this new opportunity to supply a bricks and mortar store with funky new creations is over the moon for me.

I love the process of investigating, researching, planning and creating new products.  Like I've said before, the female side of my family has been in business so it comes naturally to me...at least the love of it does.  In talking to the owner of the store, we found (and kinda knew before) that our ideas about what I should make were the same!!!

Way back in about 1975, I started my first business in a building...my porch.  Then as it expanded, I moved to a building and then another building and yet another and now our new barn.  I love the entrepreneurial spirit.  But this opportunity is better - none of the overhead, daily upkeep and managerial headaches!!!  Just create!

My birdbath made out of one of my huge rhubarb leaves!!!
Wow - going on vacation soon with time to think and plan my new adventure.  More details as they develop!!

Take care,


  1. I am so glad I found you. I was googling how to make a fabric coaster with cord and your tutorial came up. Thanks so much. I will be back often.

  2. Hi Donna! So glad you came by to visit! If you have any questions about the coasters...just let me know. I've made a bizillion bowls, tote bag and trivets using clothesline and fabric. It's such a relaxing thing to create!!! I will visit you too!


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