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After meeting friends for coffee, I settled down and got some things accomplished - I painted 7 little metal pails - four red, one creamy yellow, one palest pink and one jade.  I'm going to stick a plant in each one - the red ones will have a small American flag. 

I painted a metal magazine rack a wonderful turquoise and pulled the seat and a gazillion tacks out of a little sewing rocker.  Now the rocker is ready to be a garden rocker or maybe I will paint the rocker aqua and upholster the seat with white background with red cherries oilcloth.

I bought this book/magazine rack with stenciled star, moon and sun on the outside.  The stencils didn't do a thing for this dainty little piece.  So I matched the paint and just sprayed both sides a couple of times to cover up the childlike pictures. 

I love the Cabbage Rose Wallies and they seemed to be perfect for this little project.  I'm not usually a yellow person but I like this yellow...but it will be for sale in a few weeks.

Creamy Yellow Book Rack
 with Cabbage Roses...
I hope someone likes it enough to take it home and put wonderful gardening books in it!  Both sides have dividers so maybe the other side could hold romantic decorating books or a journal or photo albums or...

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  1. That was a find! I like the yellow color, I don't use yellow a lot either, but I just did a garden bin in that yellow and it sold right away. That is a great piece, I guarantee you it will sell!


  2. lets try this again....I love the buttery yellow of your little magazine is wonderful. thanks for stopping by..


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