Junkin' for Bird Cages...

We went to a fun sale today – it had rained but was fine when we were shopping.  We found so many fun things from The Vintage Pixie’s barns and building.  Mary is going to do mostly custom orders so she is purging her treasures!  Scott, her hubby, was fun to deal with and is one of those priceless ones!!!  I met her on Facebook and she's been at one of our sales.  I had been to her sale a while back at her house but it was more frou-frou then...today was good junkin'!

I’m on a bird cage hunt and I found two at her sale.  One was exactly like one I had found a couple of weeks ago and was merely decorative. 

All painted and ready to be embellished -
can't wait to show you finished project!
The top left cage is my very favorite but
look at all the small stuff that awaits
a plant or paint or some special touch!

The day began cloudy and rainy and ended up another perfect evening!  If this kind of day was for sale, you’d have to ask a million dollars.  Hardly any bugs and a cool breeze and the sun sparkling everything up!

I'm pondering if I should stay home tomorrow or go to one or two of our city-wide sales in the area.  I bet I know what I'll do!!!

Have another great evening and take care of yourself!  I sure love my life!