Fixin' and Paintin'...

Pansies have such
 cute little faces!
Two beautiful days in a row - the 70's in MN the end of April is just the best!  Good for our souls here where we usually have 6 months of winter!

We've been on a buyin' binge which is so much fun but reality hits and we have to fix and paint the treasures we find.  Sometimes it just takes me forever to get going - just get off my chair by the computer and go out the door and across the driveway to the carport area where I work on my stuff.

So I began today to look again at what needs what and what color it should be.  Once I slap some paint on something - I get the bug and actually its so much fun to change the look of something.  Of course then both Hubby and I feel like the object is ours and we can elaborate on embellishments to give it some of our personality.  Scary...

Here's a before and after of a little metal table we got last night:


I couldn't get a good picture - the sun and gloss of the paint kept shining through!

This is the cupboard/hutch I got this weekend:

As you can see, the top is on its side but won't it be cool
 when I paint it - maybe red instead of vivid coral!!!

I will use my new sprayer on this project - its not huge but big enough!  We're pretty sure its a marriage of two different pieces but its way interesting.  The top does fit in a groove that runs along the back of the bottom piece.

Tomorrow we are on another buying trip - be still my heart!  My friend always has fantastic stuff!!!

I'm bound and determined to get my quilt camp stuff put away tonight but boy, could I take a nap.  Lots of fresh air today.  I need to plant my pansies tomorrow too.  Thought I would plant them in one of my vintage wheelbarrows...its in the shade part of the day so they should thrive even in summer.  They will live with the dianthus that made it through the winter in the wheelbarrow in the shadow of my crab apple tree.

Dianthus are so pretty and smell so good!
They are like mini flat carnations!

Take care,