Stitchin' Chicks Quilt Camp April 2012

The end of another successful quilt camp.  5 days and 4 nights of creativity and laughter and good eats!  Even though I had thought I would be learning more about my embroidery machine (machine needed to be repaired), I finished many projects and received orders to make more things.

It is amazing to spend almost a week with friends from all over the area.  The sharing of ideas and techniques is so much fun...some of the same stories are told at every camp and we laugh just as hard each time.  Now this time we've had vigorous discussions and they haven't been about politics because we can't go there and keep peace.  So day 2 was differences of opinions on TV shows, day 3 might have been book favorites or not, and then day 4 - can't remember - symptoms of this age I've reached.  But we know that nothing that is said will change our minds anyway!!!

So in an hour its back to normal life...tomorrow I get my sewing machine out of hock or the hospital.  Going 60 miles to pick it up means I get to shop at T.J. Maxx and eat at Panera.  Yay!  That would be my reward for making that trek.

Now its time to get very serious about getting those Farmgirls Country Sale projects created, fixed, painted, and priced!

Hope you are beginning a wonderful week!

Take care,