Making Flower Embellishments...

This fabric is a poly knit and from my Mom's stash.
I never thought I'd find a use for it but I love polka dots
 and my Mom so I hung on to it.
I love to know that my Mom bought it and touched
it as I form it into flowers for my projects.
I will make a flower for my girls and for my sister as a remembrance,
Lesson:  Don't be too quick to get rid of stuff!

I have a difficult time not making crafts in a production line.  I have learned not to make 12 of everything I make but I just decided that mass producing embellishments is okay.  Well – according to my rules its okay.

On Wednesday, I leave for Stitchin’’ Chicks Quilt Camp again – YAY!  Last Tuesday I took my sewing machine in for its annual check up.  It’s been a year in my custody so it needed a good cleaning and tune up.  Or so I thought…come to find out it was more serious than that.  The patient is still at the hospital awaiting a transplant/part.  So when I couldn’t make her free motion quilt, it wasn’t operator error.  It would be comforting to find that out except I need to have her home to take her with me on Wednesday!!! 

I digress…anyway while I wait for the call to retrieve her; I have taken over the kitchen island again where I am getting ready for camp.  It’s time to cut that perfectly lovely fabric into little pieces so I can sew them back together again.  When I’m not being destructive, I am making embellishments for things I will be making next week.

Flowers are flowing from my hands…

The round rosettes are coiled strips and then glued to a circle of canvas.
I will use these on the top of one of my ruffled totes.

This is the process I use when making the open roses...
cut a 3" or 4" strip, fold in half, run a gathering thread along open edge,
and then gather, twist and secure with stitches or glue on a canvas or felt circle. 
I add a pin back so they can be removed and worn separately.  Wa la!!!

I bought a painter’s drop cloth to cut into totes and other things like journal covers and may use it to reupholster a chair or two.  So much to do and only 6 weeks left until our June Farmgirls Country Sales!!!

So back to the production line…

Take care,



  1. I enjoy making flower embellishments, and your version is really adorable! I'm inspired to get out my fabric stash.....

    1. Thanks for the comment Mitzi! I appreciate hearing from people who read my posts. I love your site.

      Thanks again - hope you have fun making flowers!


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