Life Takes You To Unexpected Places…

Love brings you home! 

I have wanted to put words to walls for quite some time.  To say the least I have an eclectic home…which means I have lots of stuff in every room.  I needed a place that didn't look too busy already.

One day when I was ordering something at Amazon for a friend, who doesn't compute, I found this saying made by Wall Decor Plus More.  Ok - I had to have it!

It was pretty easy to put up and
I didn't really need the masking tape!

Our little entry vestibule with an old painted mirror seemed like the place for this wonderful saying.  It seems like the perfect place…so you see it leaving home and coming back!  I angled it because I like things angled.

I love, love, love it!!!

I embroidered quite a few towels recently and now I’m going to my sewing room to embroider the edges…I had hoped to sew rick rack to the edges but my edging didn’t match the Turkey red thread I used so I’m doing a decorative stitch with matching thread to finish off the towels.

We‘re praying for the Texans who are under tornado watches friend, Steph, posted some pictures and the skies looked very angry.  We sure hope there are no lives lost.

Take care,