I'm Kinda Awesome Some Days...

I'm so proud of myself...last week my printer stopped - like wouldn't turn on.  So I putzed around for a couple of days, uninstalled the software, got terrible error messages, tried to reinstall, etc.  So today was the day...if I couldn't get it going, I was going to order a new one. 
Well – this morning I pushed the button and it came on!!!  The light lit up and so did I!  So I reinstalled the software and whew!  It works. 
Now I can use up the ink cartridges I had stockpiled.  In my search to determine what new printer to buy, I couldn’t find one that took my cartridges that I had in the drawer…around $100 worth or so. 
So now I can go shopping for something more fun - like a new electric toothbrush because that stopped working last week too!  I guess I could try downloading something from Oral B and see if that would revive my toothbrush!

I love this time of year…we had our first fresh corn on the cob with salad with our fresh from the garden tomatoes in it!  I could eat just corn...so good for the diet!!!  Not!

Well - we're off to go garagin' to find more treasures for our October sales!!!  I do love to shop!
Take care,


  1. Love that! I can just imagine when the light came on! Good for you!! So much better spending the money "Gargin'" I am so going to use that word. Love it!

  2. Hi Karen! My g'kids used that word garagin' and it stuck! I can still see their little faces all excited about garagin' shoppin'. Thanks for visiting! Take care!


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