Making Wool Roses...

After many months of looking at my felted wool and thinking it was time to use some of it, I made some wool roses.  Mary Engelbreit is a favorite illustrator of mine and I think these roses look like the ones she draws for her wonderful illustrations.

I used felted wool and cut 4 1/2" dia. circles. 
Then I cut as example shows, trying to keep width of cut equal as I could. 
Begin on the outside of the circle cut and roll up
 - the bottom should be flat.

This is the bottom and the edges are flat/even.
Beginning in the middle with needle and thread,
stitch to outside and then back to middle all the way around
so all the layers are secured.

I stitch down the little flap from the inside of the curve
and around part way so the bottom layer will curl up the flower.
Now you can trim the top edges
 if you have little frays like this one.
I haven't embellished anything yet but stay tuned.
The blue flower is a larger circle so you can see
how much fuller they can get! 
The wool I used is a true red...
some pics are pink and some are pinker!

I could add one to a sweater or pillow
or headband or bracelet or journal. 
In fact I just might add them to all of the above!!!
So there you are - a wool rose or two or three or five!!!  Let me know if you have a question!
Take care,




  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Your roses are pretty and I think I can make them! I better add them to my "to do" list!
    Thanks for showing us how to make them!

    1. Hi Deb! Oh I'm sure you can make the roses...they are one of the easiest flowers that I've made to date!!! The thicker the wool, the cooler they look!

      Thanks for visiting - I appreciate your comments! I just wrote very big...FALL BANNER!!! Life keeps getting in the way and I'm excited about making this!!!



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