Cleaning Up The Kitchen and Elsewhere...

My faithful companion, Annie, on her perch
while I make a creative mess in the kitchen!

It's just time to clear off the kitchen table and island and bring everything upstairs to my cluttered craft room. I tricked myself into getting this done by inviting friends for supper. Procrastinating for this long is now over...

It's not that I'm just sitting here doing nothing...but regular, every day things get pushed way to the side while I create stuff. This is nothing new - I've been working this angle since the '70's with a brief pause in the '90's when I actually worked at a big corporation. It was time to get benefits and a regular check. So when I retired, I once again was possessed with creating...creating messes throughout my whole house. No, I mean projects in every room - on every flat surface...regularly.

It's not even Thanksgiving but the shop I supply crafts to just had their Holiday Open House. I am not complaining in the least bit but its still a good four weeks to Christmas and things are still flying out of the door and into people's homes.

Job security...but a messy house. All of this is changing tomorrow. It will be a Saturday filled with hauling things up the steps and into my almost filled craft room. Sigh!

I'm so lucky to be so busy doing what I love to do...making creative messes all over my house...except in the kitchen - starting tomorrow.

Take care,



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    1. Thanks, Helen! She is a rescued dog and what they figured is she is Aussie Shepherd and Collie-type - she has the bump of a Collie or Sheltie. She's amazing, so gentle, about 6 or so and the new love of our lives. She finally is getting along with our rescued cat, Norma Jean, so we feel relieved - that didn't go so well to begin with!!! Annie knows all kinds of tricks - she was a stray and has been with us since July. Kinda spunky so that is fun too!

    2. I absolutely LOVE rescue dogs!! My grandpa has one and my grandma on my dad's side has 7 right now! I think they are really special. :) She is beautiful and sounds like she's tallented too! :)

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  2. It's always nice to have a "helper" when cleaning! I try to keep my crafting in my craft room...but I like the kitchen table to work on!

    1. Hey Deb! I know I should not do so much work in the kitchen but its the center of the in the corner, windows on two sides, the heart of our I guess that's where I want to be. I have a sewing room in a small bedroom down the hall and a craft area that is quite sprawling upstairs but its so far away from everyone...I guess I'm a social crafter and want to be where the action is. I will reform some day maybe...thanks for stopping by!

  3. I do that all of the time, invite guests and then it makes me clean LOL. Thank you for your sweet well wishes on my sons wedding this weekend!



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