We Do Love Our Quilt Retreats!!!

What better activity to be involved in when the weather is gloomy and the ground is almost frozen and we just like to quilt anyway!  This week five Mora Quilting Friends made the long, long journey to The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. in Pine City.  It's really not very far and in 20-25 minutes we were checking in and hauling in carloads of projects.

Ron and Marni are the owners of this 12 bedroom retreat center and scrapbooking store.  They are so accommodating and nice!!!  We threaten to go back again in late Feb.  Yay!

Here are a few pictures of one of the projects we each worked on...

Deb is working on a wall hanging that has had her
stymied but she's now on the way to finishing it! Yay!
Won't it be gorgeous???
Mary Ann has used Christmas prints in
combination with light fabrics and as you can tell
she's a happy woman!!!
Theresa completed her foundation (newspaper)
pieced quilt blocks with scraps she's collected.
Barb worked on this pretty fall appliqued wall hanging!
And I got my new Scottie Dog nap quilt tied and buttoned up!

So that's how I spent three days and two nights last week.  I feel so relaxed now and I'm going to really try not to get stressed out again.  I think I inherited that part of my personality so I'm not sure how successful I will be.

Take care,