Ok - so now I'm recycling my socks...

I know its winter here Upnorth when my cat has to sit on my lap every time I sit down and I need my fleece socks to keep my feet warm.  So on a particularly cold, drafty day, I went for my leopard skin print fleece socks.  I pulled them on and WHAT???  The bottom of my foot was cold.  So I pulled them off and checked them out...thin, very, very thin on the bottom.  Now these socks are a few years old...from L.L. Bean so they were good quality but it was very obvious that they had seen better days.  So I put them aside and pulled out another pair.  I have been buying one pair each year so I won't be without my warm fleece socks in case they stop offering them.  One year my youngest daughter and I tried to make them...not so good.  We had lots of laughs though.

Anyway, every day as I walked by those old socks, I thought - I should throw them away.  But they were my favorites so I was dragging my feet - so to speak.

Then one day as I was wandering around my bedroom, it came to me.  Being the recycle queen/artist that I am and being that I've been crocheting wrist warmers to keep myself out of the kitchen and away from eating, I saved those worn out socks from the landfill!

Yup - I made wrist warmers from my beloved leopard skin print socks.  I just cut the socks off above the heel and hemmed them.

My newest fleece print socks.
(Amazing how much bigger my left foot is!!!)

I loved these socks and now they have a new life!

They keep my wrists warm while I crochet
more wrist warmers!!!

More wrist warmers!!!
My repurpose, recycle, reuse friends and I laugh about saving empty toilet rolls, plastic creamer containers, and various other items that we stockpile for later reuse.  But I think this repurpose/reuse/recycle is almost genius. 
I've loved leopard skin print since I was a junior in high school when I got the most impressive coat that was leopard.  I felt so Hollywood.  Funny how some favorite things just stick with you and bring back such fond memories.
So that's my story and I'm sticking with it...and my wrists are warm and so sexy!
Take care,


  1. YOu amaze me with what you come up with !! I know who to ask if I want a new use for an old item !!

    1. Let me know what it is Steph, and we'll figure out something!!! Kinda fun!



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