Wandering Through the Day...

An array of pillows - done!
I feel the pressure to write a new post...let's see what will I write about?  The weather is icky...snow, sleet and rain are in the forecast.  Nope - that's too depressing...don't want you to be depressed too.

I've written enough about my dog...and my cat, Norma - well, she just doesn't do much except beat up on the dog periodically.  She's doesn't have any front claws...she came to us that way - so its more humiliating that hurtful as Annie, the dog, wags her tail like mad when the cat is let up from the basement in the a.m.  This is when the cat beats her up or when she comes in from outside.

I could tell you about getting ready for my quilt retreat with the Stitchin' Chicks on Wednesday through Sunday - nah - that's pretty boring too.

Well - I finished making a pound of bacon and Jimmy Dean sausage in my George Foreman grill.  So you know how good it smells in here now!

I guess I will show you what I completed to take into the shop on Tuesday:


Another vintage spoon necklace steampunk'd!

A soft leather cuff...

Another soft leather cuff...

So now I've completed another post...see you again sooner!

Take care,