I Think It's Fun To Be Me!!!

I never in a million years thought I would be this busy in my retirement.  It's been 12 years and there hasn't been one day that I've been bored!!!  A little crazy, maybe, but never bored!

My latest challenge for myself has been to make chicken wire crowns.  As I type this, I just giggle a little.  Now I'm a 66 yr. old wife, mom, gramma, and great gramma, and my newest creations are chicken wire crowns.  Who would have thought???

I love creating them.  I've only made three so far but I'm thinking I will obsess about them for a while.  The first one I made was mostly lace...lace flower, German Glass glitter, pearls and a little bling.  I thought it would be a special gift for my daughter's 40th birthday.

The second one I made was half of a doily, a light green flower and pearl pin I purchased years ago for my jean jacket, a glitzy heart barrett, lace and faux silver beads.  This one sold right away at coffee today.  Thanks to our awesome wait person extraordinaire!  Yay!  She will be wearing it up north, fly fishing,  and all around camping!!!

The one that I got to the shop today is made of a calendar picture, chandelier crystals, lace (of course), book page leaves and lots of German Glass glitter.

I bought the chicken wire at a garage sale down the road...I told the garage owner that I would make her one.  I might have to see if she has more chicken wire that she'd sell me!!!

I actually should be painting furniture and stuff for our sale that is four weeks away.  But you just have to have a little fun in between all that work!

Join me - go find something fun to do in between all that drudge work!

Take care,


P.S.  Here is Annie - just looking out the window where it is raining lightly.  She's never far away from me!