Rain, Rain, Raining!

My Memorial Day and 4th of July garland!!!

It's been raining for 6 days now - we just had 8 months of snow.  We live in Minnesota so like I said previously today - love it or leave it and I'm staying.

It totally makes it difficult to get ready for our spring Farmgirls Country Sale....I have so many painting projects.  Can't paint - too cold and damp.  I could haul everything into the house but I don't have the strength or energy to do that.

So I will go sew...and sew...and sew!  Then I could finish all the jewelry I've started and not finished.

Have a great Memorial Weekend...thank a veteran!!!  Fly your flags!  Drive safe!!!



  1. Fun banner for the holiday! LOVE your chicken wire crowns!
    When is your sale?? Maybe I can make it??


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